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Darcy Miller Designs

When it comes to entertaining, you want your food to look as good as it tastes. For a no-cook appetizer, a grazing board checks all the boxes—it could even serve as the entire menu for a cocktail party But a grazing board is not just a pretty plate! 

Best of Westchester 2019, Best Caterer 

rachel ray every day

The Fruicuterie Board Is the Instagrammable Restaurant Trend to Steal for Your Holiday Spread. Fruit-forward snack boards are here to pretty up your holiday spread.

the local MOMS network

Meet a Mom: Get to know more about Graze New York and it's founder, Shari Ivler 

Westchester Magazine

10 Dishes we loved in 2018

When this New Rochelle-based business dropped by our office for a shoot back in February, we fell on this board of assorted meats and cheeses like a pack of ravenous wolves...

Chair of the (food) board 

“These Graze boards are for friends, family, and get-togethers. They’re for someone to put out on the table while opening a bottle of wine, talking and hanging out and snacking all night long,”

How to Throw a Fabulous Apartment Party Without Running a Single Errand

NS Lifestyles

Yesterday, I sampled the most amazing cheese board from Graze New York...

Westchester Magazine

These Artfully Arranged Boards From Graze New York Are Unbelievably Gorgeous

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