verb- casually sample something 
synonyms: feed, eat, nibble, browse


I've always loved entertaining, throwing parties and hosting family and friends. After having two daughters (Hi Harper, Hi Hazel!) and planning countless events at our home, I started creating "graze boards" for our guests to enjoy. One day, after a friend commented that these were some of the most beautiful - and delicious - boards she'd ever seen (*blushing*), graze New York was born.

We want to make your event special, whether it's a small family gathering or a large party.

We have a board for that!

Our boards are meant to be shared and enjoyed as a group (but no judgement if you want one for yourself!).

My hope is that you enjoy "grazing" on them as much as I enjoy creating them. And yes, you get to keep the board! I hope it inspires you to continue to entertain!

Thanks for being a part of this venture!


Shari and the graze New York team

*Prior to placing an order please reach out for availability